Dr Visit

Brinlee dr reportI went to see Dr OCarroll yesterday.  Got a flu shot.  Thankfully that was the only one!

I weigh 25 lbs 3 oz,  I am 34 in long (tall) and my head is 18 inches.  I fall right in the middle of the age/height/weight chart.  That’s a great place to be!

Jen went over my diet with the doc, and she said the nutritionist Nana talked to told her correctly and she liked the progress she saw in me.  I just grinned my sweet baby grin at her because of course, I am perfect!  Anyway, I am supposed to get around 1000 calories a day.  Sounds like a lot, but you have to remember I still drink 3 bottles of milk a day and that’s 550 calories of cow nummies in my tummy.

Mushy food only- I do not chew!

IMG_5171Miss Maggie told Jen today at my therapy that I can only eat mushy food.  I laughed my evil baby laugh because I had no idea at the time exactly how much this proclamation would irritate the snot out of me. Actually kind of literally today as I still have this awful runny nose- but I digress.  Apparently this low muscle tone thing I have is also evident in my face and throat.  I do not chew my food with my teeth, or in fact use the sides of my mouth at all.  Maggie said that I should not be given anything that cannot dissolve in my mouth.  And, if temptation is too much, I should not be given anything larger than a crumb of non mushy deliciousness.  Small bites like Cheerios and other baby friendly treats should be put on the side of my mouth to help me learn how to chew.  She also wants me to use a straw- I like baby juice boxes-   I laughed at Nana the whole time I drank one with my dinner.  Maggie also thinks I need to drink from a big girl cup.  I’m still finding this awkward and don’t like it as much as drinking from the straw.

Maggie comes to see me twice a week.  She is very optimistic that I will learn quickly and hopefully catch up quickly! In the meantime, Jen has me on stage 2 & 3 baby foods.  She’s learning how to use the mini food processor to make my meals safer for me, and we like having yogurt and bananas for a snack we can share.

I am really into mini cinnamon graham crackers and animal crackers.  I have to be reminded to bite the crackers and not shove the whole thing in my mouth.

ahem**that could be said for lots of people… 🙂